For Designers

The central hub for your creative assets

Whether you're designing graphics, websites, UI/UX, marketing materials, or more...use BrandBay as your go-to management system for working with multiple clients and brands. Access brand colors, fonts, logos, media, copy, sites, design files, templates and more and streamline your design workflow.


How does BrandBay change your workflow?

Storage and Hosting

Clear up your desktop

Use BrandBay and store, organize, and even host all of your clients' assets safely in the cloud and instantly accessible from wherever you're working with our browser extension or desktop application.

Team and client collaboration

Seamlessly connect with clients

Bring your clients into your workflow and collaborate on your creative work all in one place. Make comments in context to your media, on copy, on websites, and more for a simplified way to get feedback on your work.

Asset Security

Share your work with ease and security

Share, host, and embed your media from entire brand libraries, to collections and portfolios, to individual assets all with robust privacy controls, password protection, custom permissions, and more.

More features for designers

Brand guideline generator

Create beautiful brand guidelines for clients to keep their work on-brand

Embed collections into web pages

From a simple professional portfolio to embeddable brand guidelines, there are many possibilities for BrandBay to be used embedded on the web.

Large file size limits for big projects

Very generous file size limits for your project files and raw media assets

Scalable storage

No need to pay for what you don't use. Scale your storage onto one of our existing pricing plans as you build your creative asset library.

Asset tagging and metadata

Find what you're looking for quicker by using custom meta data and tags on your assets.

Bulk upload/download

Need to access your files at scale? Save time uploading and downloading by selecting multiple assets at one time.

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