The Instant Access

Multi brand management solution

Give your team and clients one unified instant-access location to store, collaborate on, host and share all of their brand assets.

What can BrandBay do for you?

Brand Asset Management

Stay organized, save time

Store, organize, and even host all of your and your clients' brand assets. Search entire brand libraries in moments with custom tagging, asset metadata and more designed to help you stay organized.

Brand Kit Generator

Keep your brands "on-brand"

Create easily sharable and secure brand guidelines to keep the style and marketing of your brands congruent and communicated effectively - hosted on your own custom domain.

Multi-Brand Management

Give each brand it's own space

Seamlessly manage and switch between multiple brands with only a few clicks and work within each brands' custom designed white-label workspace.

Team and Client Collaboration

Unify your creative workflow

Center your team and clients' creative collaboration directly on your brand assets with asset commenting, notes, custom team permissions, and more.

White Label & Custom Domain

Make "BrandBay" your brand

White label BrandBay for your business or agency as your own exclusive solution for clients. Use your own custom domain, and individually choose the colors and design for each brand you manage.

Browser Extension and Desktop App

Access your assets with one click

BrandBay's browser extension and desktop application allows you to quickly and efficiently access your brand assets wherever you are in your workflow - without even having to switch tabs.

Asset Security

Keep your work secure

Password protect individual assets, collections, even full brand libraries, and customize each users' permissions so that your and your clients' sensitive information stays secure.

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